Friday, November 17, 2006

A tragic and poignant song

========= Devadasu Version ==========================

I've lost you, my lover
I've lost the intimacy you share
And there is no light in my life

while darkness prevails everywhere
your thoughts are only my hope
all that is left is just you

nothing is sweeter
than the pain you can't forget

nothing is comforting
than feeling sorry for missing you forever

nothing is beautiful
nothing is happier
than the lover you can't possess

Heere is a translation of a song from a old Telugu Movie called "DaevaDasu"..
The film is based on a Benagli novel. It is a story of two lovers that ends in a tragedy.

After losing the lover, the man distructs himself by becoming a drunkard; and he promises the woman that he visits her just once before he dies; and he dies in front of her house after stealing a last glimpse of her through the windows. And while she comes out to see the dead body, her husband and the palace gaurds close the huge iron doors; and she dies as well out of
the helplessness of not able to see the dead body of her past lover. Very tragic and very moving.

Telugu song is very cryptic where a few words carry a lot of punch and meaning. I realised my translation to English lost some of the power. Nevertheless, that is what I could manage to share.

In any case, here is his version of coming to terms with losing his lover. It is also depressing version of how she is coming to terms with she losing her lover.


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