Thursday, September 27, 2007

Telugu - Online Tools for typing, blogging, transliterating

[0] Good editor for transliterating into Telugu and also to transliterate back to English (useful for those who can speak telugu, but can not read Telugu)

[1] Good editor in typing English and seeing it in Telugu.
Also offers different Telugu possibilities for a given English text. Cool feature.

[2] You can type in transliterated Telugu and the search box shows the Telugu

[3] LinguiPad

[4] Rice Inverse Transliterator

[5] RTS Primer

[6] Padma

[7] Telugu Toolbar

[8] Rangavalli online editor

[9] RTS2ISCII Converter

[10] Telugu Lipi

[11] Another Primer on how to use RTS

[12] Likhita - Another Telugu Editor

[12] Wikipedia: Setting up your browser for Indic Scripts

[13] A good FAQ on installing fonts (You can also download Andhra Prabha font)

[13] Telugu Communication Software with Java: Present and Future

[14] Fonts from South Asia Language Resources Center

[15] Installing Fonts and Keyboard Layouts

[16] Test for Unicode support in Web browsers

[17] What is Unicode? Read it Telugu

[18] Unicode Characters for Telugu - Reference/Standard

[19] Telugu Pages at PennState

[20] Non-English Keyboards with XP

[21] Telugu Alphabet

[22] Telugu Language at Wikipedia

[23] a utility to write documents in Indian languages

[24] Publishing Telugu Pages

[1] Pothana2000 Font

[2] Vemena2000 Font

[3] Goutami Font (from Microsoft)

[4] Code2000

[5] Akshar Fonts

[6] Tikkana Fonts

[7] Telugu Fonts in cyberspace


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